Wheat 14Kg Bucket

At Ingrid’s Lavender cottage we want to add our wheat in small batches for the home bread maker. Supplying whole grain wheat, for you to grind as you need.

We grow an old variety of wheat here in the dry Mallee region, sure this makes it tough going for the wheat but that is what builds the protein level of the wheat up.

Weed control is done with cultivation turning the weeds into fertilizer, the final cultivation is done 7 days after the planting of the wheat before it has grown enough to be affected by the harrows who pluck out the weeds from the surface. The wheat then gets a head start on the weeds shading them out.

The soil is living and digesting composting, turning the vegetable matter into ready to eat food for the roots of the wheat. Because we don’t force feed our crop with chemical fertilizers the grain is balanced 75% alkaline and 25% acid perfect for the human diet. Full of the nutrition wheat is supposed to be you have the bran and the pollard the wheat germ, along with the flour from the centre of the seed.

We have a low moisture grain. We store the wheat straight off the harvester into the 20litre containers, which are sealed airtight, shutting out any insect infestation of the grain in storage. Being small containers the wheat doesn’t sweat.

A lot of issues come when wheat is stored in silos that are fumigated with insecticides to control weevils these chemicals stay on the wheat. What your body is reacting to is the chemical. Your body just recognises the wheat as poison, but the real toxin is only piggy backing on the wheat.

Try our wheat see the difference.